The Photographer

I have had a fascination with photography for many years. The first film camera I remember buying was a Zenith TTL, I quickly moved onto a Canon EOS 650 taking shots of family holidays etc on slide film as time went by and cameras developed it was easier to use good compact film cameras, and eventually digital ones for such events, and the SLR found its way into the loft. After many years of my photography being shelved my interest has been renewed and picking up a digital SLR camera with a totally self-centered discover how to capture and photograph my ideas in images and to share the wonders that nature creates of the beautiful countryside, coastline and amazing colored skies around Yorkshire which is the location I live and work, although whenever I visit other UK locations I always take my camera.
mymindseyephotos is devoted to capturing images that often go unseen, Landscape photography is about capturing scenery at its best and at different moments, Using composition and the extraordinary ability of light to transform the world around us. As I gain in knowledge & capability, expanding my horizons with different locations, ideas and types of photography I hope you will come back to join me on my journey through my mind’s eye sharing its evolving developments as I add to my portfolios and galleries on the mymindseyephotos web site.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and always feel free to contact me with any comments or enquiries.
Welcome to mymindseyephotos, featuring the work of Alan Ward.